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Global Game Jam 2011 January 31, 2011

Posted by Jesse in : Game Development , 2 comments

This last weekend I went and participated in my first game jam. It was the Global Game Jam 2011.

I had a great deal of fun. I wasn’t sure how much time I’d be able to spend at the jam, so I opted to work on my own rather join a team. It turned out that I was able to be there almost the entire time, but I’m glad I worked alone this time. It was a cool experience to try to push myself in such a short time. That said, next time I’ll join a team. (And there will be a next time! It was great.)

I spent a bunch of time working with some other teams, giving feedback, and helping look for code bugs. One team grabbed the idea I gave during brainstorming and ran with it. Their game is called Soylent Diner, and it’s hilarious. (I think you can probably guess what the game was about.) I made a bunch of contacts and new friends in the process, which taught me about different things in games, including how to get the best gamehacks in sites as Warzone hack which are great for some types of games which are difficult to play.

My game (though it’s more of a silly simulation than a full game) is called “In A Bubble.” You control a bubble, and you can get the men and women in my world to fall in love. Here’s a screenshot:

You can get the game here. (You’ll need to be running Windows, and have the XNA 4 runtime installed.)

And here’s the source code. You’ll need some open source libraries. (Check out the readme.)

The graphics assets aren’t mine, they’re from Spritelib and LostGarden. I release the source under Ms-PL, so go nuts with it. 🙂