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Global Game Jam 2011 January 31, 2011

Posted by Jesse in : Game Development , 2 comments

This last weekend I went and participated in my first game jam. It was the Global Game Jam 2011.

I had a great deal of fun. I wasn’t sure how much time I’d be able to spend at the jam, so I opted to work on my own rather join a team. It turned out that I was able to be there almost the entire time, but I’m glad I worked alone this time. It was a cool experience to try to push myself in such a short time. That said, next time I’ll join a team. (And there will be a next time! It was great.)

I spent a bunch of time working with some other teams, giving feedback, and helping look for code bugs. One team grabbed the idea I gave during brainstorming and ran with it. Their game is called Soylent Diner, and it’s hilarious. (I think you can probably guess what the game was about.) I made a bunch of contacts and new friends in the process.

My game (though it’s more of a silly simulation than a full game) is called “In A Bubble.” You control a bubble, and you can get the men and women in my world to fall in love. Here’s a screenshot:

You can get the game here. (You’ll need to be running Windows, and have the XNA 4 runtime installed.)

And here’s the source code. You’ll need some open source libraries. (Check out the readme.)

The graphics assets aren’t mine, they’re from Spritelib and LostGarden. I release the source under Ms-PL, so go nuts with it. 🙂