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Wisdom from Rami Ismail May 8, 2013

Posted by Jesse in : Game Development , trackback

Rami Ismail (of Vlambeer) wrote some really awesome tweets today. I’m copying them here because I think it is really valuable advice.

From @tha_rami on twitter:

I get so tired when someone emails me about tips for a gaming startup. Start a studio or a company or an actual thing that is real, damnit.

You’re making a game? Good, you’re a developer. Trying to sell them to stay afloat? Well, now you’re a company. What the hell is a startup?

Here’s a venture plan: ‘go make games as good as you can possibly make them and let people know that the game exists’.

Don’t want to contact press because you don’t want to shoot blind? Make a presskit (/w dopresskit.com?) and screw it, shoot blind.

Don’t want to reach out to Steam, Sony, Nintendo, iOS, Microsoft, Android because you’re working on your first game? E-mail them anyway.

Don’t want to reach out to your personal inspiration and ask for feedback because you’re just starting out? Do it regardless.

Don’t feel like going to that developers conference four hours away because you don’t have anything to show? Get a day off and go there.

Don’t want to show your game to friends and other developers because it’s not quite good enough yet? Show them your game.

Sincerely love the style of a certain artist or musician or the work of a coder or designer? Let them know.

Don’t know what to do, need help, a specific contact? E-mail someone who does know. Hell, call them for all I care.

In the end, what matters is what you *do*. If you don’t do something, whatever your hopes or motivations or ideas are will remain just that.

Oh, and do -not- make assumptions about how things work or how & why things are. You’re probably wrong so actually go and find out.


1. Joe Klemmer - May 12, 2013

Honestly, these little ‘perls’ of wisdom have had a profound effect on me. I think many people will see them in the light of Nike’s “Just Do It” or Yoda’s “Do or do not. There is no try” but, to me, they are closer to something like Baseball’s “Swing away.”

It’s not just about action. It’s like GO BIG OR GO HOME! If you are going to do it, go all the way. This has not only helped me with my gamedev perspective, but with everything.