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New development machine August 2, 2006

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A couple of weeks ago, I ordered my new development computer. (And lets be honest, it’s my new gaming computer too.)

A few years back, when I built the computer I’ve been using, it was far cheaper to buy individual components and build it yourself. Now, I added everything up, and the price difference was minimal. So I ordered a new machine from I Buy Power.

Here’s the info, for anybody curious:
Coolermaster Ammo 533 case w/420W Power Supply
Athlon-64 3500+ CPU
eVGA SLI PCIE Motherboard (133-K8-NF41)
1024 MB DDR-400 PC3200 Crucial Value RAM
Nvidia Geforce 7300GS 256MB Video Card
250 GB Serial-ATA Hard Drive
Dual Format/Double Layer DVD±R/±RW

I’d like to say that everything was perfect when it arrived, but that’s not the case. Apparently the motherboard is finicky when it comes to the type of memory you use, and one of the 512 MB sticks was unhappy. Neither the bios memory test nor memtest showed any errors, but things would mysteriously fail. For example, when installing the updates for Windows XP, every fifteenth (or so) update would just report “failed.”

Eventually I found a reproducable test so that I could identify the problem. When running the Firefox installer, the first thing it does is unpacks compressed data. During that unpacking stage, sometimes I’d get an error “CRC failed.” When I took out the bad stick of RAM, the errors went away, and when put it back in, the problems returned. I bet that’s the first time Firefox has ever been used as a memory diagnostic tool. 🙂

To their credit, as soon as I told I Buy Power about the problem, they immediately said they’d exchange it for a new stick, no questions asked. However, when it came in yesterday, I ran into even more problems than before. Windows started doing some very wonky things, so I tested it, and both the bios memory test and memtest both give errors almost immediately. Thinking that it was another finicky motherboard problem, I brought the new stick to work with me, and put it into another computer with a known solid motherboard. I got the same errors.

There is an upside. In my research on the motherboard, I discovered a few settings I could play with, and managed to get the original “bad” RAM to work correctly. I ran my Firefox tests, and then played World of Warcraft for a half hour. I left the computer on overnight running tests, and everything is super stable.

Despite the trouble I’ve gone through, I’d still recommend I Buy Power. I can’t blame them for the finicky motherboard, and faulty hardware just happens sometimes. Their customer service has been awesome so far. I’m really happy with my machine.

Now if I could only get some work done.

A new beginning with CBD Oil June 27, 2006

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Welcome to my first post in my brand new blog.

This blog will be mostly about video games, among some other things. I’m an independent game developer (it’s a hobby at this point, though I have grand plans to turn this into a small business soon) and I’ll be writing about my development experiences here. In addition, I plan to write reviews of games I play from other independent developers.

Another thing that I’d like to tell you about, is the CBD Oil. I recently came across an article where the benefits where explained so precisely that I started to look for more information and came with this website Yours Nutrition where I bought the CBD oil and started to take it.