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Recent Developments August 31, 2006

Posted by Jesse in : Game Development , trackback

I added a few affiliate links in the games section. The plan is to put up games that I found to be worthy of immediate purchase, so if you see something there, I’m giving it my highest recommendation, even if I haven’t had time to write a review. I’m not really looking to turn TPN into a games portal or anything, so if I start making more money than it costs me to keep the site up I’ll see about lowering my commission percentages.

Microsoft released the beta version of XNA yesterday. Development on TPN games had pretty much stopped since the announcement, because I feel that the xbox 360 (and more specifically the xbox live arcade) would be the perfect platform for my games. Now this means I get to go back to work. I’m extremely excited.

Current TPN Projects:
The Annie Game.
An action puzzler similar to The Adventures of Lolo or Professor Fizzwizzle. I currently have a playable prototype (complete with programmer art). My first order of business will be to port it over to XNA. (I was originally referring to the protagonist as Annie, though I think that’s likely to change. Until I come up with a new concept I’ll just refer to the game as Annie.)

The Mummy Project.
This game will be more of an action game than a puzzler. You control a mummy and have to guard a tomb against treasure hunters looking to rob the tomb. Meanwhile, you need to find magical objects in the tomb to give to a wizard who has promised to restore you to life. It’s still just in the planning stages, though I think I should be able to use alot of code from Annie, since they’ll both be 2D games viewed from the same perspective.


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