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Title screen September 19, 2008

Posted by Jesse in : Being,Game Development , trackback

Just a quick update.  I wrote my first particle system, and I think it turned out pretty neat.

I needed a title screen, and rather than throwing up a bit of static text, I decided to write a function that creates a template mask from an image, and then I spawn particles in the region allowed by the mask.  Here’s what my title screen looks like:

(Click for larger version.)

Those little stars are randomly colored, spinning in random direction, at random speed. They fade out over five seconds, with new ones are popping in all the time. I’m pretty happy with my first attempt.

Update: Here’s a clip of the menu running on Youtube.


1. segarr - September 19, 2008

Happiness is a state of Being! Good luck with DBP. I have no idea what the game’s about but it looks interesting.