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Work progresses September 26, 2008

Posted by Jesse in : Being,Game Development , trackback

Feedback has been very positive about Being. It’s not going to win any awards in Dream Build Play (I’ll make another post – hopefully this weekend – about the DBP entries. Some of them are crazy good.), but I’m really happy all the same.

Moving forward I have a few more features to implement before the game is ready for the Community Games launch. I’ve added a new enemy type, who throws water balloons at you. It was originally grenades, but my wife wisely objected that I shouldn’t add grenades to a violence free game. I’ve also added a bit of scripting, and that’s allowed me to add some simple dialogue. Here’s a screen:

(Click for larger version.)

I need to create a few more levels and then boss encounters, and I’ll have everything finished. I’m eager to work on my next project, but I’m gonna keep plugging away on this.


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