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Art stuffs October 22, 2009

Posted by Jesse in : Game Development , trackback

Three posts in one day? What’s going on here? πŸ˜›

A little while back, Nick Gravelyn posted about his experiments into pixel art. As it happens, that’s something that I’ve been messing with lately myself.

Meet Blobby:

Yeah, I know he’s rough. It’s programmer art, but I’m working at it. πŸ™‚

I have two different 70% code complete games just sitting around waiting for art. I can’t afford to hire an artist. (I have a four month old daughter. I’m broke.) So I’ve been doodling alot. I got some art books, and I’ve read countless tutorials. There’s all kinds of neat stuff available online. Check out the demo video for one of the Don Bluth dvds.

I’m probably never going to be an artist. But maybe if I keep at it, I can have good enough programmer art to get the job done while I save up to hire a real artist.


1. Eric - October 22, 2009

Kirby with his arms chopped off and a bad flu?

2. Jesse - October 23, 2009

Kirby was the inspiration, for sure. I saw the new trailer for A Boy and His Blob, and decided to try to draw a blob dude. Then I remembered Kirby, and decided to make it more like him.

But yeah, no arms. It was hard enough to give him feet. πŸ˜›

3. TareBeirl - December 12, 2009

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