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Arr! What a horrible night to have a curse.

Can Bluebones find the lost gold of Davy Jones to break the curse and return to his true form? He only has until midnight, and the clock is ticking!

Bluebones’ Curse is a fun Halloween themed run and jump platformer. You take control of Bluebones The Pirate, in his quest to break his curse and regain his human form. To complete the journey, you’ll need to dodge creepy spiders, deadly spikes, and walls of fire. Can you find all of the hidden Halloween treasures?

Bluebones’ Curse is available now, on Xbox Live Indie Games.

Games press review codes available upon request.

Reviews and media impressions
“Filled with joyous puzzles” – thisisfakediy.co.uk
“Don’t let Bluebones’ Curse slip under your radar” – dealspwn.com
“It’s the art style that really makes it stand out” – crushfragdestroy.com
“Fun? – Hell Yeah!” – indieasylum.com
“Quirky yet challenging platformer that will leave you on your toes” – VVGTV video review