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Glitch Assets November 25, 2013

Posted by Jesse in : Game Development , add a comment

Recently I learned about a really cool looking game that was terminated last year. Rather than letting their amazing work rot on a server somewhere, the creators have released it into the public domain with the simple instruction of “Go and make beautiful things.”

And it shouldn’t be hard to make something beautiful. Take a look at this:glitch_creepy

These guys did some awesome work, and I’m sad that I never saw any of it before the game was cancelled. The assets were released in flash format, which isn’t something that I can use, so I converted them all to png files, and uploaded the results to github. They wouldn’t all fit into one repository, so there’s two:

Glitch Assets
Glitch Assets – Inhabitants

I claim no credit in the creation of these assets, and they’re released into the public domain just like the originals.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and make beautiful things.